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Christenings, otherwise known as Baptisms, are the beginning of a journey in the Christian faith and therefore should only be undertaken after serious thought and by those who want to actively live as a Christian. The baptised child or adult is beginning their life long journey in the Christian faith and in a relationship with Jesus Christ. In Baptism a person, or parents in the case of a baby or child being baptised, make commitments to follow the Christian faith. Not complying with this commitment means that the candidate is not following what God requires of their life.

The journey of the Christian faith of our life time, especially for a child should be:


  • Being there for your child. To talk to them about the bigger questions of life especially those questions they may have about hope, faith and love. Or asking these question yourself if you are an adult being baptised.

  • Praying for your child through the ups and downs of their faith journey or for yourselfif you are an adult being baptised.

  • Show them practically how to make good choices in life or begin yourself to make those good choices.

  • Helping them to learn about their Christian faith through their attendance at church and in other ways or attending church and other groups to learn more about God.

And so we really hope that the child’s parents or the adult candidate will want to make a commitment to God through becoming part of the life of the parish.

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