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The church for many years has been there among the many celebrations of life, but the church is also there when life is difficult. One of those occasions is the death of a family member, loved one, friend or work colleague. The church is there to not only offer a funeral service but also to offer support before and after the service. In Billingham Team Parish there is support for families who have a bereavement through a bereavement visiting team who can be contacted via the parish office. If your requirement is more urgent you can contact the clergy directly.

A funeral service taken by a minister of the parish can happen at one of the churches in the parish, at a crematorium or directly to the graveside. The ministers also can do a small informal service at the burial of ashes. St. Cuthbert’s and Haverton Hill are no longer open for burials. However, St. Peter’s churchyard is open for burials and interment of ashes but there is a criteria that needs to be met for this to be allowed.

If you wish to have a minister from the parish take a funeral please advise your chosen funeral director and they will contact the ministers of the parish.

A very useful and practical website to help you can be found at

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