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We thought you might like a bit of background about the Exploring Our Gifts events we’re doing in the parish over the next couple of months.

This is a chance to think and pray together about what God may be calling us to, right now and into the future. For some Christians, God’s call on their lives is clear, and for some it never changes, but most of us spend at least some of our time wondering what it is that God wants of us, and most of us find that it can change over time, for example as we move through our careers or as family life changes.

It’s not always easy to know God’s will for us – most of us find it much easier to talk to God than to listen! But God has given us some really important resources to help us work it out. Three of them are:

· Prayer

· The Bible

· Each other.

This two-and-a-half-hour session uses all of these resources to help each of us think through where we are now and where God is calling us.

One of the things that can really hold us back is our own lack of confidence. We worry that our skills aren’t good enough, or that we aren’t courageous enough to do what God is asking of us. In this session we’ll see how these aren’t really the things we should be worrying about at all! God knows far better than us what our capabilities are, and wherever God calls, God will be waiting there to help us.

The session will be kind of a study session, and there is a structure to it and some ‘teaching’, but mostly we will be working together, helping each other and, of course, laughing together.

We really hope that we’ll be able to do the session in small groups – smaller than we’d originally planned because of COVID restrictions - because nothing beats being in the same room together. On the plus side, with such small groups, we’ll be able to give each other lots of support. However we know some people aren’t confident about being indoors together, so we will be organising online sessions as well; and if restrictions are tightened before our physical sessions go ahead, we’ll put them online too.

The session is for anyone and everyone in the parish, whether you’re old or new, very active or ‘just’ a member of the congregation. If it interests you, it’s for you.

If you want to have a chat about it, call or email me (details below). If you are interested in online sessions but not confident about the technology, get in touch too; we are getting quite good at helping people to get online, and we going online in the simplest way we can – you won’t have to join any organisations or download any apps or buy any special kit to come along!

You do need to book, and you can do that by emailing me.

Hilary Elder

Lay Development Worker


07909 444215

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