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After a frantic 18 months for us all wishing we could get back to some form of normality, there is some movement towards this. However, there are still some limitations in place to ensure we all continue to stay safe and well. These will be discussed at the preparation session when you are invited. These details are not here because they may constantly change.

Even though we have rebooked a number of baptisms back in from those that were postponed last year, we still have some who need to respond. It is therefore that we are pleased to announce that we will be beginning to accept new applications from Monday 27th September 2021 using the procedure that is set out in our Baptism Policy. This policy can be viewed at the bottom of our website homepage

Please note however that at this present time there are no mid-week services at St. Peter’s, though the Praise and Play will be back soon. Also booking is required if you intend to attend a Sunday morning service at St. Peter’s.

We look forward to welcoming you as you begin this journey with us.


Rev Richard Radley

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