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Clue 3 on the trail of Christmas

Well we hope you enjoyed the first and second clue videos that were released om Monday and yesterday. In Billingham the next code is already displayed in a couple of locations but for those of you further afield here it is so you can scan and enjoy the third instalment of the trail. Don't forget to look for the letter that will help you put together the password so you can watch the very last video. At the end of this video you should have three letters that when put in the right order will give you a three letter password, that isn't the word 'dog' Follow the link at the end of the last video which will take you to another video website. Enter your password and watch the last video.

We hope that you have enjoyed this bit of family fun and that you have enjoyed the trail. We would love to hear your stories. email us at or find us on facebook and tell us your stories. Don't forget that on our Facebook page you can catch the midnight communion starting at 11.40pm on the 24th and the 10am Christmas Morning Communion. And why not look back at some of the other services we have been doing over Christmas.

Have a great Christmas and an even better 2021

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