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What a week it has been as we continue to live in a time that as never been seen before. I am told that even during the war years nothing like we are experiencing was ever seen. Yes, there were curfews on who could be out and what time they could be out and ensuring that lights were not visible. But nothing like this was ever seen. But that is the big problem here, we can’t see this virus. To the naked eye it is totally invisible, and we don’t all carry microscopes and testing equipment with us everywhere we go.

I find myself in the lucky, or in some cases not so lucky, group that is classed as a key worker. I still have things to do out in the community of Billingham and wider area. To some extent I thank God that I have these things to do and that I’m not stuck to the boundary of my home. Yet, each time I step outside the door to undertake what ever task it may be, I put myself, and my family at risk should I bring anything home with me. Most of you will know I have vulnerable people at home.

Yet, in 2004 when I was ordained a minister in the Church of God, I promised to serve people, and that is what I now find myself doing in this very difficult time for us all. I am so lucky that I have my faith in God and that I trust in the promise of Jesus Christ to be with me at all times. When I step out of the door of my home I trust in Jesus and that he will protect me.

This week I have been doing Morning and Evening prayer on Facebook Live and there have been many people joining me from Billingham, other areas of the UK and even from other countries. It seems that every reading we have had this week have been about how God is our refuge and protection, and our Salvation. I am so thankful to God that he is my protection and refuge at this time. But I also thank him that in him I have a Hope of a better future. (Why not follow us on the Billingham Team Parish Facebook Page by following the link at the top right of this page)

As you read this the news looks bad, but when we trust in the Lord we can be assured that he will be with us through this and will bring us safely out the other side.

God Bless you all

Rev Richard

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