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It's good to be back

Welcome back

For a few weeks now we have been holding Sunday morning services at St. Cuthbert’s and St. Peter’s at 9am, and St. Aidan’s and St. Luke’s at 11am.

These services are going really well and are being attended by those who value being with their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Into the short term future.

We are all worried and anxious about the news we keep hearing and the things we are possibly seeing. We want to assure you that all precautions are being taken in the churches because all of our health and well-being is important.

Sanitiser stations are still provided. Face coverings must be warn, even in those churches which are singing again they must still be warn. Some forms of physical distancing is still recommended and communion is very safe to take with no common cup being used.

St. Peter’s are also still doing a booking system because of the numbers attending.

If you want to have a talk about how safe the churches are please do feel free to contact us so we can put your mind at rest.

Take care, stay safe and hope to see you soon.

Rev Richard and Rev Paul

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