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Latest Lockdown

Well we all knew this was coming, but we didn't know when, but I think we all guessed it would be as we fast approach winter. Sadly for the parish this latest lockdown means that the Sunday morning services we have been holding in St. Aidan's church since the beginning of August now have to stop until this latest lockdown is over. Once we are able too we will be reopening. We do however still have permission to hold funerals in St. Cuthbert's and St. Peter's and we will continue to do this following all COVID restrictions and in a very save environment.

In the mean time please do follow the daily Morning and Evening Prayer on the Parish Facebook page and watch our for the special Remembrance service at 11am o Sunday 8th November again on the Facebook page.

Finally, we are being called to a month of prayer and we will ensure that links to this material are made available for you all to follow.

With all our prayers and God's blessings

Rev Richard


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